Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sam, help me out here.

So I recently treated myself to a Dr. Pepper. Just one. I had been craving one for a couple days, purely for the taste, and thought "Just one. I have discipline now, I won't fall back into my crazy soda spiral."

And you know what...

I was right!

YES! It was an awesome feeling! One was enough! That was all I needed! In fact, by the time I was reaching the end of it, I found myself thinking "Ick, this is super sugary, geez can it just be empty now!" and then afterwards I didn't grab another one, I didn't want one, no need for that crazy mind trip I would always fall into, the whole "Well now that I've had one...".

Nope....I simply treated myself. I felt like I deserved it. A tasty little treat at the end of a long and tiresome day, and at the end of a long and frustrating battle with the stupid soda cravings. So I had one, and when I was finished I slammed the empty powerless can down on our kitchen counter and was all like:

Thursday, April 14, 2011


YES! Finally, the tea is all mine!

Yesterday I finally bought some Golden Monkey tea to take home with me, and of course the funky little tea steeper/strainer they sell as well, and in a bout of procrastination I felt the need to tell you all.

But anyway, now my real tea adventure can begin, since now I plan on trying new teas during my break and hopefully bringing some home. Basically my goal is to become a mini-Teavana at home and bug my parents with my endless talk about dying baby seals and how carrots have souls too while I brew my tea.

God, I hope this blog doesn't turn into serial-killer obsession level rants about these teas....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Forgetting the Past

This was actually a really awesome article on Archaeology and viewing the past as a collective memory, that I had to read for my Anthropological Theory class. It is a bit long, 6 pages, for a "fun-on-your-own-time" read, but it is crazy interesting.

Although, when I read it, I did feel like I was reading an archaeological version of Inception...so it would probably be a good read to pair with some Hans Zimmer music in the background.


Monday, April 4, 2011

The Victory and the Golden Monkey

So as of today, I have had a week of no soda at all! It wasn't that bad, although I did get a little frustrated with my choices of drinks when I was out and about. But other than that it was smooth sailing, especially since I found an awesome little tea shop right next to where I work. It's called Teavana, and although it does carry heavy amounts of "oh we're soooo special and all these teas are imported soooo specially from China for you and we're soooo expensive because of this. (even though it's really just because we cater to thin girls with tribal tattoos, dread hair and carrying hemp bags, or the ever persistent rich old lady who has nothing better to do than buy our "hand-crafted" dragon tea pots and have tea parties with their border-line racist friends, but it's ok cause hey, that was the time back then.)" it actually has some pretty kick ass teas!

Like the Golden Monkey for example, my new favorite tea. It's a black tea, so it has the caffeine I need - without chugging soda - and tastes like a gingersnap cookie when it's brewed hot! The very same gingersnap cookies that my Mimi brings down from Delaware for us every once in while! Man do I miss those things, but I miss the people who eat them more! But yeah...the tea. It's pretty awesome, and tastes just as delicious iced...just not like the cookie. Now, the key is not to become my boring old self and stick to the same tea each time. I was told next time, I should try a mix....the Spicy Monkey. I'm not exactly sure what this means...but I'm looking forward to reaching Teavana!